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On 6-7 of July 2017 the International Conference on Destination Branding "Innovative ideas for attracting tourists" was held in Minsk. The organizers of the conference were the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the EU project "Support to Sustainable Tourism Development in Belarus", the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

During these two days about three hundred delegates from different countries took part in the conference. Speakers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Ukraine and Japan addressed the conference. On this page we are glad to offer you the materials of the conference - presentations of speakers and videos of their speeches, which you can find under the links below.

Presentation of Belarus Tourism, its Challenges, Results and Development Prospects

Ms. Anna Mukha 
Head of Marketing Department,

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus

Brand development, its role and value of branding; Belarus brand identity

Mr. Tom Buncle
Yellow Railroad Ltd (United Kingdom)
and EU funded project expert (Belarus)

Destination Brand – A quantitative Research Method and Product

Mr. Ralf Trimborn 
Inspektour GmbH

Tourism and Regional development (Germany)

Destination branding in the digital era

Mr. Kai Partale
Partale Counsulting (Germany)

and EU funded project expert (Belarus)

Building the Image of Ukraine as Tourist Destiantion

Mr. Ivan Liptuga
Head of the Tourism and Resorts Department

of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine

Innovation and Creativity in Developing Sport’s Tourism to Project a Positive National Image

Professor Dr. Terry Stevens 
Founder and CEO

of Stevens & Associates (United Kingdom)

Building Tourist Brand of Russian Federation

Ms. Svetlana Sergeeva
Advisor to the Head of the Federal

Agency for Tourism (Russian Federation)

Presentation on UNWTO Report on Maximzing the Benefits of Mega Events on Tourism

Mr. Shuichi Kameyama
UNWTO Special Advisor

on Tourism and Mega Events

The Economic and Social Impacts of Mega Events on Tourism in Azerbaijan

Mr. Rauf Pashayev
Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism

of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan

2nd European Games – objectives and expectations

Mr. Georgiy Katulin
Head of 2nd European Games-2019

Management Board (Belarus)

Caravanning festival in Belarus 'Belarus Home Spirit' between East and West

Ms. Irina Brinkevich
Chief Specialist of the Department of Tourism,

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Republic of Belarus

Co-branding in Sports and Tourism

Mr. Jared Hackham
CEO ICF Aviation

(formerly SH&E) (USA)

Kitzbühel – Downhill Ski Race Mythos and brand development of Kitzbühel

Dr. Martin Fontanari
Professor at International School of Management,

Köln, (Germany) & EU funded project expert (Belarus)

Slovenia for green tourism – branding and e-marketing success story

Ms. Maja Pak
Director General

of Slovenian Tourist Board

Development of VETLIVA website of Belarus tour operator CentrKurort

Mr. Dmitri Mahnach
Head of the Department

of Automated Tourism Technologies (Belarus)

Cross-marketing – benefit or contribution to country brand

Mr. Ivan Zhivica
Senior PR Manager 

SOOO Game Stream (Belarus)

The Way Media Shapes Tourist Flows and Image of a Tourist Destination

Ms. Yuliana Kornushko
Redacteur of BelarusFeed 

TUT.BY (Belarus)

Social Media and Content: A Framework, Experience Design Director

Mr. David Fiedler
Director ICF Olsen

(formerly SH&E), USA

Belarus tourist destinations branding

Mr. Vitaliy Jackevich
Founder and managing partner
Public Group (Belarus)

Georgia: Inspiring tourism success story

Mr. Tornike Zirakishvili
Head of International relations

in GNTA (Georgia)

Leading Serbia health resort – Rebranding to modern health, spa and beauty center

Ms. Jasmina Miletić
Head of Hotel Department of Special

Hospital Merkur – Vrnjci spa (Serbia)

Minsk City Tourism Challenges and Objectives/Branding

Ms. Elena Plis
Head of

Minsk TIC (Belarus)

The video of the International Conference on Destination Branding "Innovative ideas for attracting tourists" was kindly provided by the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Links to the full video of the conference are listed below.

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